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Personnel Qualifications

Qualification Requirements
The aerospace community has overwhelmingly adopted NAS 410, published by Aerospace Industries Association of America Inc. (AIA), as the primary specification model for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel in the aerospace industry.

While most prime suppliers accept supplier NDT personnel qualified and certified to NAS 410 requirements, a few such as Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell have unique requirements that must also be met. These unique requirements are discussed in our NAS 410 training module available on this site in the training room.

The current revision of NAS 410 is Rev. 3 issued March 2008. This issue introduces a major revision to this popular aerospace industry standard. The link to the left goes over some of the major changes you should be aware of. It is important to note that everyone working to the NAS 410 requirements must be meeting the Rev. 3 requirements six months after the issue date, as stated on the side boarder area of the 1st page of the document..



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