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Thank you for visiting and exploring our website. You have found a website dedicated to aerospace suppliers utilizing NDT. With almost 30 years experience in NDT and Quality behind the webmaster of this site, It is our hope you will come to appreciate the work and thoughfulness behind the sites design and intent. Carefull though has been put into what to provide you here as visitors and especially as members. With years of experience in NDT testing, quality systems and auditing, we have tried to address areas to help you and others in your organization perform your jobs easier and to improve the relationships with your sub-contractors "suppliers", auditors and customers. We hope to drive meaningful improvement between all of these.

If you commit to becoming a member, we know you will expect it to be a value added choice and commitment. Visit the members benefits page to get a better understanding of the value you can expect to find here. While we have tried to create a friendly helpful site, we want to say that as a member, your voice will help futher shape this site as we can do it. In fact members should see the site it as their community meeting place.

Currently, this site will only focus on the Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Radiographic, Ultrasonic and Eddy Current methods of NDT. This is because one primary focus on this site will be to cover those test methods currently audited because of aerospace prime customer requirements (i.e. Nadcap). Eddy Current as I understand is planned to be added to the audit requirements in the future, therefore we have made provisions for the test method.

While you will find a lot of areas of opportunity here currently we have other value added things on the plate for you in the future.


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